Monday, June 27, 2011


I was talking to a 20-something colleague last week and remarked that I needed to find a birthday present for my mother who was turning 70. She suggested a possum fur gloves and scarf "Gifts like that are always great for the elderly!".

I nearly choked. "Elderly?" Amongst other things my mother still runs around after us, picks up Mr 11 three days a week after school, is the secretary on a committee,has coffee and lunch dates with 'the girls' several times a week, does the accounts for her church and still gets blonde streaks in her hair.

And then it occurred to me. To my 20-something year old colleague I am probably old enough to be her mother. So my mother must be really, well, elderly.


Janine said...

I just about spat my wine out reading this....more so that last paragraph. Sigh.......I think 20 year old something's have no concept of age lol, nor numbers lol

mimbles said...

My mum turned 66 a couple of weeks ago, she's a long, long way off being elderly. Adam's mum is 71 and has been elderly for a number of years now. It's all relative!

My possum fur hooded cape which I thought was an expensive indulgence when Adam bought it for me back in January is getting almost daily wear. Worth every penny!