Wednesday, May 04, 2011

This is what 16 looks like

Blinked and I missed it. On 27 April Miss 16 turned, well, 16. Her party theme was "A 6 year olds party". Tiaras and pink stuff galore.

Check out the latest 'must have' daywear. The purple and black cargdigan I knitted for her father about 15 years ago (and which has probably been hidden in a closet for 14 years!)

And, incidentally, this is what 3 looked like (courtesy of a scrapbooking page by Granny who came to the rescue and decorated the house and made a birthday cake while we were delayed in Nelson. We got home 2 hours before the party!)


Jenny said...

Can't believe that the time goes so quickly. Mine are now both way taller than me. Hope all went well in Nelson

Janine said...

Yipppe for Gran....I had a wee giggle at the cardigan, see fashion does go in cycles and how cool she is wearing something you knitted 16 years ago......Looks like Miss 16 had a great time.

Penny said...

Happy birthday C :) Great party idea too!

Jules said...

oh i bet its gone all too fast!!
funny how the fashion keeps coming back around, if i couldve stored my stuff from the 80's id be all set (except they were all little girls clothes then!) hahaa.
happy birthday to your daughter xx