Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Science Fair

I have one kid who's good at the school stuff and another who hates it. So when Mr 11(the school work hater) runs to me after school with a big beam on his face I know it's good news.

Mother: "How was school?"

Mr 11: "It was cool. In science we dissected a cow's eye. It was really cool. Some kids thought it was gross but I didn't."

Mother: "Fantastic. I thought you were happy."

Mr 11:" Oh yeah, there's another thing. At the end of science we got to go and see all the science fair projects. And I couldn't find mine. And then R told me he knew where it was. And I came first in my class! And, even better, I came 3rd out of all the year 7 and 8 kids (130 kids) and, even better, P won the whole thing out of the whole school and he's only a year 7 like me. And we're both going to the regionals."

Mr 11's project looked at whether doing a blood test on clean or dirty fingers made any difference to blood glucose levels. (It did!) A totally relevant project for a type one diabetic.

But I want to know - do any kids actually do their science fair projects TOTALLY by themselves. Mr 11 did the research, the testing, the writeup - but I did most of the sticking to the display board. And helped him refine his topic. Come on parents - 'fess up!


Janine said...

Well done to Mr 11 what a fantastic effort. I must admit dissecting a cow's eye doesn't appeal lol.

Penny said...

Mr7 hasn't reached the science project level yet, but no doubt there will be some parental involvement ;)

Well done E! And great topic too. I never could think of a topic.

Rachel F said...

Well done E!
And yes my kids do all their work on there own. Abby had a wearable arts competition she entered last year and did all the work on her own - she asked me but i told her it was her project not mine. How unfair was it that the people that placed the parents had basically done the whole project - the thing is you could tell. VERY unfair for those kids who actually do there own! I told the teacher when I was talking to him that maybe for next year they should have sections and one being NO parental help! (not that they would have listened and Abby is now at high school so she won't care lol) Made me feel a bit better!

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey Melissa! I was checking my mail and got a notice that a Melissa Thorn left a message on my blog..I thought I got hacked, but it was you! How funny that we share the same name! :0) (that's definitely a first for me!) lol
I had no idea that testing blood on a dirty finger would make a difference in the testing...I learned something new today! :) I homeschool my 10 year old son, so I'll put that info to good use!
Thanks for leaving the comment, it was SO sweet..."loving with your soul"..I'll remember that one!
Have a great day!

Jules said...

OH WOW! congratulations. doesnt your heart just want to explode with pride when you see your kids acheiving! thats a really interesting project and for an 11 year old to do that all himself - wow. i help my son with his work, but he is only 7, lol. i imagine i will be involved in discussing as he gets older, but not in doing.