Friday, August 21, 2009


Nope not some deep and meaningful post today - just the title of our August Blogosphere Book Club title. Cecelia Ahern's book probably need no introduction as most people will have seen the movie. Husband dies. She is heartbroken. He left letters for her. She reads the letters and rebuilds her life without him.

I only saw the movie about 3 months ago - not sure why I missed it first time around. I loved the movie. Wept buckets. The book? Hmmmm. Didn't like it so much which is unusual. EVERYONE likes the books better than the movies. But in this instance I found the book very 'chick lit' - was it the way it was written. It was very light. I thought the movie had more substance.

But weren't the movie and the book so different? I'd say the movie was loosely based on the book and that was all. There were so many significant differences - especially the new man and how the letters were received. In the movie the letters arrived randomly - I loved that but in the book they arrived at a set time each month. I think that's why the movie won out for me - I like random!


Penny said...

hooo - looks like this one is going to have some differing opinions! ;) Good, good... that's the way it should be. ;-) Still waiting for my copy (story of my life).

Janine said...

yeah see thats why I liked the book more lol, because the movie was random lol. Or I could say they really americanised the movie and sometimes that doesn't translate well.

Sandra said...

Hi there

I only read the first few chapters of the book before I had to abandon it completely. I just couldn't stomach anymore, lol. I've always struggled to read chic lit. Just not my genre.

I didn't read the Maya Angelou book either. Just not my cup of tea.

Am currently reading Kate Atkinson - One Good Turn = Brilliant!

scrapgeek said...

I never saw the movie (in fact - never HEARD of it!) but I didn't like the book either. Not really my thing :)