Sunday, August 16, 2009


There's an interesting article in the 'Sunday' magazine supplement to the Sunday Star-Times today about "Space Invaders. WTF! Our parents are going online? OMG!". Yep, us oldies on Facebook.

As a recent Facebook convert I found it all very amusing. Having resisted for some time I finally gave in when I discovered I could make short quick contact with lots of different people. Former primary school friends who live all around the world. Former work colleagues. Scrapbooking friends. Extended family.

This renewed contact doesn't involve huge energy or finding room for more relationships, rather it's quick "Yes I still like you. Yes I'm pleased to know you remember me. Yes I can get a little glimpse into what your life is like.". Through Facebook I get to have a little laugh with neighbourhood friends whom I mostly wave out to as we drive by on the way to school/sports/shopping.

But I don't accept everyone as friends - sorry friends of my kids - I really don't want to have you starting a food fight with me. I'm not interested in which band is cool. My own kids will tell me that.

Oops, better go. Got to update my status. TTFM.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving FB too, but MY mum (nearly 60) recently added me as a friend lol!
You can add me as a friend if you want :)

Penny said...

:) I enjoy FB as a way to keep in contact with various folks.

Janine said...

um okay I am laughing at this post. My freaking parents are on it now and I had to add them as a friend......damn aunt and cousin leading them astray.

Isnt that interesting I loved last months book lol. But thats what I like about this bookgroup is reading the different reviews.