Monday, October 29, 2007


About this time of year I start thinking about homemade Christmas gifts. What's something new I can give this year?

I personally like receiving 'homemade'. I like the thought behind it. That someone has thought of me while they are creating something. Sure they could easily pop out and spend a million bucks on a pressie for me - but does it come with thought? Did they labour over it with love?

Anyway this year a couple of good friends are keeping me supplied with lemons. I love anything with a citrus flavour. So I started hunting out lemon recipes. Lemon cordial (really popular last year), ever faithful lemon curd (great in mini neenish tarts), lemon muffins. And limoncello.

Limoncello (for those not in the know) is a popular Italian digestivo.Served from the freezer in shot glasses it's a great alcoholic treat.

Here's the Limoncello recipe I used this week from Australian food guru, Stephanie Alexander.

6 large lemons (from someone's backyard or anywhere free of spray or wax)
1 litre unflavoured grappa (I used vodka)
1 kg sugar
1 litre water

Peel fruit extremely thinly removing only the rind (no pith). Put strips of peel into a glass,ceramic or stainless steel container. Pourover the vodka. Cover tightly with clingwrap to prevent evaporation. Leave 1 week.

Strain, pressing well on the skins. Reserve the rind and the alcohol.

In a saucepan mix the water and sugar. Add the lemon rind. Bring to the boil gently stirring all the time. Ensure sugar is disolved. Allow to cool.

Strain and add the citrus flavoured syrup to the alcohol.

Transfer to clean bottles. Seal. Keeps for months. Many people store it in the freezer as it is traditionally served ice cold in frosted shot glasses (great over vanilla icecream, too).

I get my bottles/preserving jars from:

They are happy to supply small qunatities for home use. Freight is usually only about $5 - when I place an order through their website it is on my front door within 48 hours.

Now, does anyone have a good lemon biscuit recipe?


Lara said...

hmmm, will ask dh about a lemon biscuit recipe (what about something with lemon curd instead of jam or something?). I miss the NI for the citrus!!!

Janine said...

I agree Mel handmade or homemade pressies rock. Have to admit I do not know any lemon bikkie recipes!!

scrapgeek said...

Love Lemon - this sounds wicked!! I have never done preserving type things in my life but I am toying with the idea of giving it a go (found a nice sounding Lemon Chutney recipe). Thanks for the link :)

Penny said...

I lurve limoncello. I can see I need to visit the booze shop for some vodka.

Hmmm will think on the lemon bikkie thing. What about a lemon biscotti?

Ali said...

What do you know, I haven't blogged or read blogs for ages and get to Mels blog and she has been thinking bout Christmas Lol! Love your posts Mel, always give me a chuckle.

~Zeetra~ said...

oh i love Lemon too..

Have you thought of doing Sand Art brownies? Maybe for the kids teachers etc....