Thursday, November 01, 2007


Make the man in your life interesting this month. Get him to sign up for Movember. Today's the day to get rid of that facial hair and grow back a mo during Movember. Visit the website and sign up with a team - a great way to have fun and raise much needed funds for prostate cancer research. D's doing it.Last night we worked out that he hasn't been clean shaven for 10 years - which means Mr 7 hasn't even seen Daddy without his trademark goatee and moustache - well until today that it.

Edited: And if you want to sponsor D (and support Prostate Cancer Research) you can do it online here. Donations over $5 are tax deductable.

And speaking of last night. I had a date with this man...

... well actually I had a date with D and we went to see Crowded House at the TSB Bank Arena. Great concert. Crowded House were on stage for 2 1/4 hours. Old stuff. New stuff. Very cool. Great to see Che Fu and Supergroove (and Pluto) as support acts,too.

Now... back to the baking (Christmas biscuits creating a glorious smell through the house as we speak!).


scrapgeek said...

I feel so deprived. Not only did my husband fail to buy me tickets to the gig in Auckland but he refuses to shave off his existing facial hair to do the Movember thing (I kind of prefer him the way he is though). I am sponsoring my ex-boss though.

Mim said...

I haven't broached the Movember thing with my bearded man. He's traveling for work for the next 2 weeks so I can't imagine him being too enthused by the idea. None of our kids have seen dad clean shaven, maybe next year. I will be sponsoring a friend or two in their face fuzz growing endeavours though!

I'm off to see Crowded House on Monday :)

Penny said...

My left armpit is unshaven.

I have to broach the subject with DH. Think he might be too chicken.

Janine said...

it's a great cause Mel, I sponsered a young guy from work last year!! The concert sounded awesome!!