Saturday, October 13, 2007


Well it's a strange name for a karate team but this morning Caitlin's yellow belt team (The Sugababes) took a silver medal in the team kata event at the Wellington regional Seido karate tournament. No one was more surprised than them as they were in a tough grade competing against about 10 other teams.
Awesome work Caitsy (12), AnneMarie (she's my age!) and Rachel(14). Lovely to see adults and kids, males and females competing on the same level.

Those 4-5 training sessions each week paid off!


Janine said...

Way to go Caits!!! Awesome effort and well done. Wow the "T family" are having an awesome week!!!

Delys said...

Woohoo Caits!! Well done!
Awesome attitude from E too.

Penny said...

Go team! It's tough to get such good results in team Kata.