Tuesday, May 22, 2007


When you're 7 and you're sick and your doctor says you can't go in the school cross country because you have a chest infection and a throat infection what do you do?

You stay home and annoy your mother by making art works that cover the kitchen.

I so could not be a homeschool parent. Elliot decided he'd make a space city this morning. A work in progress.

And here he is last night sharing the love (and bugs) with Maxie.


Janine said...

awwwwww why ever not???? I have to say after being in a classroom all day its nice to come home to a quiet house. Get well soon "E"

Penny said...

LOL! At least he's "well" enough to be annoying... it's much harder when they want to be cuddled 24/7. Cool space city duuuude.

I couldn't home school either... not enough patience.

Delys said...

I wouldnt have enough patience for it either. Besides, I like my peace and quiet most of the day.
Hope you get better soon "E"!

karen said...

I love that E shares the love. With you. With art. With Max :)