Friday, May 18, 2007


Just reading Ali Edwards' blog and it reminded me. When Caitlin was about three I remember asking her what sort of work we did, to see if she had a sense about our occupations. This was her response:

"Mummy works with land information" (correct)

"Daddy works at his computer office "(sort of correct)

"and Granny. Granny goes shopping!"(bang on!)


Penny said...

very good! Because my Dad is a physiologist we always had problems explaining even to adults.

Janine said...

too cute lol
what would "E" say now about what all three of you do now???

Lynda said...

Very Funny,just got to love their little minds.

Neen and Mike said...

So cute... just found you via Janine buying one of your bags... uber cute by the way... oh and Hi!

karen said...

hahah :) is Granny still *the shopper*??