Wednesday, May 23, 2007


PS to yesterday's post. At noon Elliot decided he would go in the cross country, despite the doctor's advice to the contrary. So we headed off to the river to meet his entire school. E hates the cross country and doesn't do well at it so for the past couple of months D has been taking him out on Sundays to practice the course. He can now run the entire way. His time has gone from 15 minutes walking to 6:38 running the whole way. It's still quite slow compared to some of his peers but he can do it.

So yesterday, filled with a chest infection and a throat infection, Elliot ran the whole course. Slowly. D ran the last bit with him. He came 22nd. Last.

Two of the boys in his year came up to him and said
"Elliot, where did you come?"
Elliot held out his hand and showed them the '22' written in marker pen.
"Oh,"said F. "You came last."
"No," said J. "He did his own best!".

And that's why J is one of Elliot's best freinds.


Janine said...

Awesome effort "E". Even with a chest adn throat infection you ran. Good on your for beating your best! Thats an awesome effort.

scrapgeek said...

Just finishing a cross country is an achievement (and I was usually last in the ones that I ran in!!). What an awesome friend he has :)

karen said...

Aww Mel. That's a friend every boy deserves.

Lynda said...

Wow E has a great friend and a great Dad.Congratulations E!!!

Penny said...

Brave boy! I would have piked for sure! Yeah - beginning and enduring to the finish is more important than where you get placed.

Rachel said...

You go Elliot! I think you are awesome and a real inspiration to kids all over the world, and you did awesome - well done!

Delys said...

Awesome effort E and what a fantastic friend J!