Monday, March 05, 2007


You can't beat Wellington on a good day.

Yesterday was a good day. A great day. The sun shone all day for AMR's family day out at Days Bay, Eastbourne.

Elliot had his second ever go at kayaking. The last try was 2 years ago in Rarotonga.
On the way home Elliot said to us "This year can we go on holiday again to Rarotonga or Days Bay so I can go kayaking again?"
Wonder what option would be cheaper?
Thanks, Scott, for bringing the kayaks and supervising the kayakers!


Janine said...

Sounds like a great day the photos.

Annie said...

Yes, Wellington is beaut on a good day! I vote for Raratonga!!LOL!!
It all looked fun.

karen said...

What an awesome day. I think you should go to Rarotonga again, at least once :o) ... and Days Bay every weekend!!