Sunday, March 04, 2007


I like making stuff. I make all sorts of stuff...

... bracelets, preserves, mosaics, cards, gardens, wall art, pumice garden sculptures, cross stitch, beaded brooches, knitting - oh, and I scrap.

Yesterday I made 17 jars of Derek's Spicy Tomato Sauce (Derek is a lovely man D and I worked with nearly 20 years ago - it's his recipe).

And for some time I've been intrigued by some of the US scrapping gurus who've turned to knitting as a creative outlet. I haven't knitted for years (I once made D a purple cardy - OMG!). Cathy Zielske and Donna Downey have both been bitten by the designer felted bag bug. And so have I.

Here they are.

We (my sister, K, and I) don't like the cream one (the alpaca brown/cream wool I used as a contrast didn't felt too well - it would have been better just cream) but we love the charcoal one and another blingier version is on the needles for her as we speak. (D just rolls his eyes and tells me I am turning into my mother.)


karen said...

Mel they are SO COOL. Did you use the recipe on Donna's (?) blog? And how hard is the felting part? I loved the look of them. The only knitting I've ever done is a scarf (never finished) when I was a Brownie and then socks a couple of years ago when I thought knitting might be fun. I made five socks ... Ken has to hop around (he got the mate-less one ... and there's one still on the needles).

Debbie said...

Mel, I love those bags, they are sooo cute, there is no way i could do anything like that...if you wanted to get paid to make one i would love it....hee hee

Also I would love your spicy tomato recipie.

You are certainly very creative with everything you do.

Janine said...

love the bags, very cool. I can't wait to see the bling one. Laughing at the comment at turning into your mother. Hmmm can't say I am big on knitting. Apurple cardy for "D" lol what were you thinking?

Penny said... Knitting isn't me but the bags are cool! I do other crafts too - smocking, embroidery, cooking, marbling

Annie said...

Mel, I'm in awe at all you fit in. I do love the bags that you have knitted. They too have got me out with the needles. I'm making a modern blanket - LOL!! I love the bags though, where did you get the pattern?