Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Here's K's bag. It is blingier and bigger than the last version.
I think it's better.
Hope K thinks so, too.


Karen tagged me and asked me to reveal something about the latest book I am reading...

1Find the nearest book...


2 Name the book and the author

"Finding Cassie Crazy" by Jaclyn Moriaty (it's one of Cait's that I've borrowed. She reads and reads and I'm just discovering the delights of teen novels. They were never like this in my day.)

3 Turn to page 123


4 Go tothe 5th sentence on the page and copy out the next 3 sentences onto your blog

"It's like you're over there having a little sleep on the couch -lots of love, Cassie.

To Cassie Aganovic I know your name. I know where you go to school..."

(And 3 sentences on it says "You want to explain to me how you got to be so absof***inglutely stupid" and, as I said to Karen, for one second as I scanned that sentence I thought "OMG - my eleven year old is reading this" and then I thought - "That's OK, she's cool". Some parents would censor it but we wouldn't. Cait is sickeningly well-adjusted. )

5. Tag 3 more people

OK I'm tagging Annie, Debbie and Penny (but does she have time to read anymore?).


karen said...

Thanks Mel. I might have to check this out at the library ... love the pre-teen and teen range :o)

karen said...

oh and I like the bag-with-bling :o)

Janine said...

like the bling bag Mel. I am probably the only person in this tag who has a boring book :-)

Anonymous said...

K 'WUVES' the bag very much Mel! Thank you for making it for me. Do you do smaller versions for my cats? :) Love K

Penny said...

Love the bag with the hairy bottom *snort*

Yep - I do still read ;)

Annie said...

I too have found a love in the teenage books. There are some great reads out there.
I notice I have been tagged. I will do it in the morning.