Friday, March 09, 2007


On her blog today Janine tells us about one of her favourite childhood books. I have a favourite kids book but I discovered it as an adult.

As a 4 year old Caitlin got the same book out from the Hutt Library week after week. It was called 'Blow Me aKiss, Miss Lily" by anAmerican author called Nancy White Carlstrom. It was a really old book. We read it EVERY night. A story about a little girl and her family befriending an eldery neighbour and what happened when the old lady, Miss Lily, died.

We read Blow Me A Kiss, Miss Lily so often that I tried to buy a copy. But it was out of print. No one could get it for me. I offered to buy it from the library but they don't 'do that' (I have since befriended a children's librarian there who tells me they actually would do that now).

I eventually tracked down a secondhand copy from Amazon. It was a surplus copy from a library (figures). I bought it - it cost about $20 - US! And by the time I had it shipped it cost me nearly $50.

I didn't care. It's the best kids book ever.


karen said...

Aww ... I hope I can find it at our library. Love to read recommended books :o)

Rachel said...

I will be off to the library tomorrow to see if we can get it out, thanks for that!

janine said...

what a cool book. I often think its worth buying the stories that mean so much to us.

Penny said...

some of the best books a the old ones :)