Friday, December 15, 2006


It's a good couple of months since I've scrapped and I keep thinking I must get back to it. Then it hits me - I have been scrapping, well kind, of. Remember those boots? And last night I made tags for our Christmas presents - here they are. Amazing what you can make in one hour with some Heidi Swapp chipboard letters and some Basic Grey paper offcuts.

OK, now you might be wondering about some of the strange names you see on the tags.

"Fur" is the nickname my family calls my sister, Katrina. It's the name my father bestowed on her when she was born with a mop of beautiful dark hair.

"Vat" is what we call my father. Pronounced 'fart' it came about when I was in the 3rd form studying German for the first time. I was delighted to discover that the German word for father is "Vater" . Sometimes shortened to "Vati " (daddy) but I took it a step further and he became "Vat" sounding just a bit rude. More than one person has asked me "What did you call your father?". It's stuck though, for nearly 30 years!.

I call my mother "Bumble" but when I owned Tuatara Tales and she'd help out with classes etc I got used to referring to her as Fay (which, after all, is her name). Can't recall quite where 'Bumble" came from but I was around 12-13 and driving her nuts with a silly rhyme I made up (that I still remember)

"Mumble, Bumble, rough and tumble

Made a cake and it did crumble

So our poor old tums did rumble

Mumble, Bumble, Tumble, Rumble".

Totally random and no reflection at all on her cooking as she is a great cook.

Collectively my parents are known as "The Bumbles" - as in "We're just going to visit The Bumbles".

Are other families this weird?


Penny said...

My Dad used to call his folks Muzz and Fuzz.

We don't have nicknames for mum and dad but my sisters and I do have pet names for each other. And DH calls his sister "the Beast" or Muntis... when I first met him and found this out I was horrified! LOL! but I realise now it's an endearment.

I'm always amused at the "family language" that evolves with family life. Some of the conversation we have amongst ourselves uses phrases or terms that would be totally over the heads of any listeners. But we know what we're talking about.

Janine said...

lol your post made me giggle!! hmmmmwe don't have such creative names as you do but we do have a few....we call each other. Love your tags by the way.

karen said...

That's so cool. We are a no-nickname family. Proper names only ... don't know why. Oh except that I call Ken *Dylan* LOL

Lara said...

LOL! no the rest of us are normal (NOT). great tags!

Donna said...

LOL, sounds like my dad's family. They all have nicknames - me included. I am known as Donna Donut in that circle!! Nana was Duffer & Grandpop was Podge. Must do a layout about that!! Thanks for the inspiration:)

iralamija said...

Thank you so much for your comments on my "iralamija" blog! Let me tell you that your work is very nice! and those boots... OMG! I just love them!!

Have a nice day!


Dianna said...

Every one is so busy making things those tags look great. Love all those nik names.

Anonymous said...

Thats cool, the name behind our stories that tell you something about the lives of people. wow you have been so busy and creative... me too busy no creativity.
Michelle TW

Bronwyn said...

Awesome loved the tags and the explanations what a fun family

Rachel Forrester said...

Awsome tags!! We just got our new Robo cutter (also have a cricut lol) and managed to make some awsome tags off that, but well done to you they look awsome! Have a awsome christmas and new year!

Take care :-)

Anonymous said...

You seem such a cool person! Thanks for being you :)