Monday, December 11, 2006


How many of you, like me, miss photo opportunites?

On Saturday morning we had over 60 people at our home for D's work kids Christmas party. The weather was crap. The bouncy castle cancelled (not safe in the rain). Zappo the magician entertained. Reindeer Dave handed out gifts. Sausage sizzle. Make your own icecream sundaes. Soft drinks. Wines. Beers. Biscotti loot bags for all the adults. Most people left by 2pm. More wines. Impromptu dinner. Few more wines. Friends stayed 'til 10pm. Did I mention the wines?

But where are the photos? These are the only 2 I took. Crap.

Gotta do better.

Christmas is coming.

Remember the camera.


Janine said...

lol had a wee giggle at teh fact there was only two photos. At least there are a lot of memories....sounded like a great day

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel, just discovered your page! Love the gumboots, and at least you remembered to take a pic on your party day - merry Xmas - Cousin Chelle

karen said...

LOL too busy to take photos! remember fun first ... photos later :-)

Sandra said...

I can so identify with you Mel. I'm like that. I get so caught up in the party that I forget the photos part then regret it later.

scrapgeek said...

I agree with Karen - sometimes it is nice to have fun and not worry about photos. You can always fill up space with journalling and cute embellishments :)

~Zeetra~ said...

I am so pleased you had a great time. YEs, you can journal lots which is the best part of scrapping I think, the memories.

Penny said...

I get taken up with the event and tend to forget photos too.

Sometimes it's best to enjoy the moment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mel I agree with Karen - fun first! Sometimes you see people taking photos of whats going on and actually "miss" the moments that count - too obssessed with the photo or video taking. Especially at work we see kids being snapped at the pools and the actual fun is taken out of it. Swimming lessons is a whole new ball game with obssessive photo/video taking!

Anonymous said...

By the way that was me in the last post!
Andrea (Jessejames)