Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I'm happy. My Christmas shopping is done. Christmas baking done. C has finished school. Tomorrow E finishes. A sleep-in beckons on Thursday. Christmas functions done. I don't have to venture to the shops anymore (except for food). Happy.

But secretly I'm just a little disappointed. I like the bustle of last minute shopping. I love the hustle on the street. The Christmas carols competing on the shop sound systems . The buskers. The impulse buying. Spending just a bit too much on something frivolous.

Maybe I need to go buy myself a gift on Christmas Eve?


karen said...

Yay to be all done (love your self-portrait!) ... and yes, I think you deserve to indulge in leisurely last-minute gift shopping, just for you!

Janine said...

I also love that photo, you look lovely. Unlike you I like to avoid the shops at this time of year. Well done on completing your shopping and I agree with karen you deserve to indulge.

Rachel Forrester said...

Nic Pic! I am also done, nearly lol! Merry christmas to you and your family and i look forward to seeing you again next year bring on CC2007!
Merry Christmas

Penny said...

LOL! I KWYM - I've been so organised this year that I'm bored now!

Donna said...

...and why not? LOL. I know what you mean, but I like the more relaxed feel I have now as the jobs are nearly all done!!