Thursday, December 21, 2006


Maxie fighting Cait for bed space

"Mama, how do you learn cat language?"
"What do you mean, Elliot?"
"Well, you always know what Maxie (our cat) wants."
"Well, Elliot, it's like this:
When Maxie sits by the door and meows - she wants out
When Maxie sits outside the door and meows - she wants in
When Maxie sits in the kitchen and meows - she wants food
When Maxie sits in the bathroom and meows - she wants water
When Maxie butts your head when you're in bed and meows - she wants under the blanket
When Maxie rubs round your legs after any of these things and meows - she is saying thank you"

If only human beings were so easy to decipher.


karen said...

Mel you are so clever! Cat language - I like it!! and so skilled in reading the signs :o)

Andrea said...

Very well explained! I will borrow that little story in the future!
Hey did you work in Bowen State in the 80's?

Mel said...

Lets see - started in 1982 at the Departmental Building Stout St(the one used for Gliding On). From then until 2005 spent time at, Databank House The Terrace, Mayfair House The Terrace, Charles Fergusson Building Bowen St, Public Trust Bldg Lambton Quay, Lambton House Lambton Quay. Can't believe I remember them all. See a public servant for 22 years!

Janine said...

lol Mel your the cath whisperer lol. Gosh you spent a lot of time round the Terrace and Lambton Quay area Mel.