Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Smiling because I've just done some scrapbooking. I haven't done that much lately. I also don't do many double page layouts but I've had these photos of my Mum for months and I wanted to do something with them.

Most of my pages are not worthy of publication. Goodness knows this one isn't. I know it would be better with computer journaling but I use my own handwriting (1. because I think people should and 2. because it takes me half an hour to get it right on the computer and I'm too impatient for that). I scrap to capture the story. And I like the kind of half finished look - like maybe it's not quite done. I like the doodling (you'll need a closeup view to see this). I liked matching patterned papers (and they are different brands - not from one collection!). And I especially like the journaling which reads:

"This is Fay. Before she was my mother. Before she was Paul’s wife.
This is Fay. The first woman journalist on The Wairarapa Times-Age.
The first woman journalist on The Ashburton Guardian.
This is Fay when she was a pioneer.
I wish I’d known this Fay."

And thanks, Karen, for reminding me to take self portraits- must do it more often - makes my head look skinny!


karen said...

I do like the photo. And all your scrapbooking *reasons*. Still working on posting my self-portrait this week ... distracted by things not going *quite right* in my world!!

Sandra said...

I like pages with things on them that are 'done for people' not done because 'someone said they should be' (eg:artists or designers) or done for 'some magazines criteria'. Mind you, I like those pages too! I like to believe there is room in the world for all of those pages and reasons. I like being told the meanings behind why people do things. Thanks for that Mel. Your Mum sounds like an awesome lady.

Janine said...

Wow love that layout. I need to do more hand written journalling. So I admire anyone who does hand written journalling. Love those photos and the words behind the photos. Also I lovvvvveee loveeee that self portrait photo- looks playful!!

Penny said...

Yeah, I scrap "for me" too. :-) I like to see "normal" people's layouts as much as the designer's ones. Boht are inspiring for various reasons. The layouts look great - and what a great subject to scrap too!

Lynda said...

Great to have those layouts Mel, and I love your journalling. I bet your Mum loves that journalling too :-)

Jessejames said...

Your reasons are great - love the layouts.

Rachel Forrester said...

Well done, and good on you for getting some scrappin done, something i still haven't managed since comming home from Wellington! I love the white flowers what are they? Bronwyn and I had good intentions to scrap on tuesday but it didn't really happen. Thanks for your little parcel! I have something to send back to you but threw out your address so if you would be kind enough to e-mail me i will get it in the post to you. Love, just love your kitchen, takeaways are the best so it won't get dirty! Take care Rachel

Ruth said...

I really like these pages. Love the colour combos and the journalling is cool.