Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Some people post comments on their blogs everyday. Some people do but I don't.

I post when I
a) have something to say
b) feel inspired to share something or
c) have time.

Lately I haven't had any of the above. So I haven't posted for a few days Because I don't want it to be a chore. I don't want to be stressed because I haven't done it for a couple of days.

But I still surf around reading everyone else's blogs. And you know what? I feel peeved off when they haven't posted for a few days. And I've read their latest post 5 times. So I do know how it feels.

So I'm posting today even though I don't have anything to say!


Janine said...

Classic Mel. I can relate to it whne you do the rounds and find they have't updated. But Now I have this wonderful system that lets me know when someone has updated thier blog. It means I spend less time looking to see who has. By the way did you go to SENZ?

Sandra said...

Hi Mel. I'm trying to post everyday, at least until I go back to work. Then people will have to get used to sporadicism...is that a word? ...it would make a good word.

Penny said...

Yes - I only post when I have something to say too..

But I find that I think of more things to say these days. ;)

Lynda said...

LOL Mel, it is hard thinking of something interesting to say all the time.

karen said...

LOL good for you!!

Michelle Tibble-Williams said...

Way to sum it up. Undertook Liannes challenge just for that reasons. Its like having an answering phone yourself but hate leaving messages on other people phone.

Way to decide

Trina said...

Love this post. How true. LOL!