Thursday, July 27, 2006


A remember a couple of years back my Mum commented to me that one of the reasons she was really enjoying scrapbooking was that she actually made some new friends as a result of attending workshops and classes. She said that all her good friends were people that she's known for years and years and that now she was in her sixties she hadn't ever thought she'd meet new people who would become friends. But she has. Though scrapbooking. Same for me really.

Yesterday Shani came to visit after school. Shani and I are taking part in a Circle Journal swap through Scrapbook Outlet. Shani is on their design team and she teaches classes at Scrapbook Central (ok she's talented!). Putting two and two together we realised that her 5 year old, Molly, has recently started at Elliot's school. It's a small world.

It's weird when you meet a new person. Will we have anything to talk about? We sure did. And after they left Caitlin commented "That Molly is really cute!" I thought so too. Thanks, Shani, what fun to make a new friend.


Dianna said...

Amazing isn't it how close scrapbooking friends can become even this blogging thing makes friends.
Go Elliot on liking Jack Johnson.

karen said...

That is so cool Mel. I love that scrapbooking has been a new art-craft outlet for me and for making friends as well! Double attraction.

Lara said...

It's great for making friends hey.

Off to meet with someone I met through scrapping tonight!

Janine said...

I have to say thats what I love about it all. How nice you meet and what a small world that MOlly goes to the same school as Elliot.