Wednesday, July 26, 2006


In the car on the way to school today (because it was too cold to walk) Elliot said to me:

"Mumma-do you know what my 3 favourite things are?"

Mother (thinking the answer might be maybe Mumma or Dadda(the baby names for us he has recently reverted to) or icecream): "What are your 3 favourite things, Elli-boy?"

Elliot:" Star Wars, Lego and Jack Johnson!"

And I thought two things:
- well, at least he is learning the pleasure of music at a young age and
-Nic Howard would be proud!


Herbie said...

LOL She so would! I am thinking she is planning on Jack taking over the world. My kids call him the monkey man LOL.

Ruth said...

Well at least the boy has good taste in music lol So cute!

Penny said...

So if you get a dog/cat, he'll want to call it Luke Skywalker or Jack.

Sandra said...

How very 'grown up' of him Mel. Don't kids come out with the most surprising things sometimes. (Enjoy-one day he might say Marilyn Manson LOL)

karen said...

That's funny Mel .. he's moving on to bigger brighter *things* outside the family circle.
(Hopefully you and D were next on the favorites list LOL)

Kathy said...

aww bless!

I keep telling Jane she should write down all her stories about Cam and Harry - I hope you're doing the same. Especially the embarrassing ones - so you can entertain their boyfriends/girlfriends in the future. hehehe

Janine said...

this put a smile on my face. Kids really do tell it how it is!! Gorgeous.......

~Zeetra~ said...

Kids,they really do say the darndest things dont they?

Alex my son must have overheard me mumbling to myself the other day on how I look fat, he came in the room and said "mummy, your not fat, your beautiful". Well this made me cry....His really has sweet heart.