Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I adore books. My Lotto fantasy is to be let loose in a book shop and to choose 100 books. My heart is pounding at the thought (possibly even better than being let loose in a scrapping store - oops, did I say that? Wash my mouth out!).

Not quite as good but...

... go to and enter your three favourite books before 14 June and they'll post you a vocuher for 50% off any fiction book of your choice (I want the latest Jodi Piccoult book).

Then tell me what 3 books you chose. I voted for:

Wild Swans by Jung Chang (amazing book and the only author I've ever seen get a standing ovation)

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold (was it because I read this in Rarotonga?)

The Transformation by Catherine Chidgey (shameless plug for a friend I admire!)

Happy reading!


Janine said...

Yes I cast my votes yesterday. What a bonus though to get a 50% off voucher.

my three books were:
The Poet by Michael Connelly
The Da Vinic Code by Dan Brown
Peter Pan by JM Barry

I found it hard to only pick three and I could have picked more by these three stood out for differn't reasons.

karen said...

Oh oh oh ... I will have to come back and tell you what I voted for!

Jane said...

I just love Jodi Piccoult shes mega...Mel you have the same tasts in books as me - I got Lovely Bones for my birthday. ! thanks for the link - will definately vote- will have to have a think first though !tooo many favorites

Lynda said...

I voted for:

The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel
The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory
Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon

But since I voted I have remembered heaps of others that should probably have taken their places - oh well!

Mel said...

Lynda, your book tastes are the same as my sister, jaine's.

And Jane - what is your blog address? I keep trying to visit it but can't

Delys said...

hey Mel thanks for that! I voted for (it was hard as I could do 10 more favourites) but I decided I would go on what I have just read in the last year. So I chose
The lovely bones- couldnt put it down- alice seobold- cant wait for Peter jacksons movie.
The time travellers wife- Audrey niffenberger- a bit hard to get into but thought provoking.
The undomestic goddess- Sophie kinsella- hilarious!
My first reaction was to put in the clan of the cave bear too...and I am a fantasy scifi nut but love all dream too Mel..and Dhs ...mmmm

Anonymous said...

Easy choice for me:

The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold: couldn't put it down. Love her concept of heaven.

There's no such place as far away - Richard Bach: my mother gave this to me years ago when I moved away from my home town. I've since given it to my best friend when her mother died and my (now)husband when he was posted to East Timor. It has meanings on many different levels and still brings a tear to my eye. Fabulous illustrations too.

A year in Provence - Peter Mayle: after reading this I knew Provence was the place for me! One of the few places I have visited where my expectations where exceeded.
I only got to spend a week there (and managed to visit the village the author lives in - how exciting that was!) - but one day my next visit will be much longer.

PS - Any idea who I am Mel?! :)

Ali Dub said...

Ooh my Caits will be very excited about this opportunity Mel - thanks for the tip.

Lynda said...

After reading all these comments, I am definitely going to have to go and check out The Lovely Bones now.

Jane said...

Hiya Mel ! my blog is here

have a good weekend !

Donna said...

You make me feel so lazy. I haven't had the inclination to read since having kids, guess all I did for years was read piles of kids books. It served it's purpose, now I have 2 excellent & keen readers!!

karen said...

Hi Mel, so many choices ... I voted for The Lovely Bones (read it earlier this year), The God of Small Things, and Chocolat by Joanne Harris ... though I could have voted for Three-Quarters of an Orange as well/instead.
I haven't read Catherine Chidgey's The Transformation ... is that her most recent?