Saturday, May 13, 2006


Got this response to my last post re your favourite books:
"Easy choice for me:
The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold: couldn't put it down. Love her concept of heaven.
There's no such place as far away - Richard Bach: my mother gave this to me years ago when I moved away from my home town. I've since given it to my best friend when her mother died and my husband when he was posted to East Timor. It has meanings on many different levels and still brings a tear to my eye. Fabulous illustrations too.
A year in Provence - Peter Mayle: after reading this I knew Provence was the place for me! One of the few places I have visited where my expectations where exceeded.I only got to spend a week there (and managed to visit the village the author lives in - how exciting that was!) - but one day my next visit will be much longer.
PS - Any idea who I am Mel?! :) "

OK I give up! Little sis, found my blog. You can see from her response that her life has been a little more exciting than mine. No trips to Provence for me. No big moves to another town. No postings to foreign lands for my husband (OK Tim has recently spent 6 months in Afghanistan - that is a little more adventurous than I'd wish for).

Anyway the good news is that Katrina is not the sister turing 40 (Katrina is the youngest of the 3 "Joseph girls" , she has a couple of years to go.) So my birthday album surprise is still a surprise for Janine.

Anyway Katrina is very cool. Has an awesome job as an HR manager for a global (U.S. based) company. She's a lovely aunty to my kids and one of my best friends. She and Tim got married a couple of years ago AT OUR PLACE.The actual ceremony and the reception were held at our home. So cool. Here's a photo of Katrina on her wedding day in our 'blue room' (also called the library when we feel snobby!). (So, K, no more 'Anonymous" - you're busted!)


Janine said...

So the mystery has been solved.....phew at Janine not finding ya blog lol.

Thats a gorgeous pic of your sister too, that colour suits her too....

lianne said...

Your sis looks so cute in her blue and in your blue room.
I read lots when I was younger but I'm such a slow reader - any spare time goes in scrapbooking unfortunately - if I was a faster reader I would read more I think. I know I miss out on heaps and I wish I did have the time to read.

karen said...

Lovely wedding dress ... and I bet she wouldn't have dared you to guess if she knew you'd publish her photo on your blog!! LOL (Nice photo though!). And good that it's not the coming-up-to-a-birthday sister who's found your blog ...

Ali Dub said...

Don't blame your sis for wanting to get married at your place - it is just gorgeous Mel.

Delys said...

Gorgeous Sister Mel!
Just got the new jodi picoult book and read half of it last night (hope to finish it off today) I am so bad...I have to read as much as possible all at once or not at all.
But at the moment I know its is because Im procrastinating packing!

Janine said...

Hi Mel

Just trying to see if I can link my new blog into this message.