Sunday, April 02, 2006


Here's this month's theme:
"April fool - this is a playful theme - have fun with it - it can be interpreted in many ways - a couple I have thought of off the top my head are ... I want to see what YOU come up with.
be foolish in front of the camera - be crazy, let down your hair, dress up, make faces, be silly - all in the privacy of your own home. Do something crazy and document it - (I don't advocate doing anything dangerous or breaking the law though) "

Caitlin came racing out of her bedroom on Saturday morning having just heard the news on The Edge radio station. "Mum! Dad! It's so unfair - there's a new law just been passed. Under 16 year olds aren't allowed to buy or use a cell phone. It's so not fair!" Darryn took one look at me and said "Hmm, know what day it is?" We laughed but Cait still didn't get it. We strung her along for a while. The Edge strung kids along for quite a while longer. Dozens of upset, irate kids appalled that they could no longer use their phones. Helen Clark was called a few things. It was a great gag. April Fools!

Next week I will try to take a better photo more in keeping with the theme!


Lara said...

I like that idea (even if it was april fools)! Look forward to being able to 'kid' my children like you did with Cait.

karen said...

Looks as if you're having fun! (I'm finding 'april fool' theme almost as difficult as that 'ugly bits' theme from February.)

Lynda said...

Woohoo, what a great joke for the radio to play and to hit on a subject so dear to many teens hearts! Poor Caitlin!

My oldest Alistair, at 13 would love a mobile, but DH is adamant that he shouldn't have one. Maybe a bit later in the year or when he achieves a big sporting goal he is working towards.