Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I have been known to spend an hour (OK, 2) making one special card for someone. It doesn't happen much these days. I don't have the time (or inclination). But I do like giving a handmade card. Let's face it, the really nice bought cards are over 5 bucks each these days. I would rather put that money towards a gift.

I decided recently that one of the things I really like about scrapping is putting together patterned papers (OK so some ranges like Basic Grey make that so easy for us). But why not challenge yourself to dig out those leftover papers and make a few cards. Your time limit - 5 minutes per card. You heard right! 5 minutes. It is possible:


1. Cut out a few different sized rectangles from matching leftover patterned paper (an odd number works best).

2. Randomly stick them on a piece of card -remember to overlap them

3. Add one embellishment (less is more). Heidi Swapp chipboard is great for this.

OK you could tart them up more, distress and ink, add words etc But you don't have to. LESS IS MORE!

Voila - a cool card for way under $5 in 5 minutes. You can do it.

And people seem to like them as much as the ones I sweated over for an hour (or two)!


Janine said...


I love your cards. I love cardmaking and best of all I love using my scraps of card and paper up. It has now gotten to the stage where people at work ask me to make cards. I don't sell them though. I have not bought a card since i started scrapbooking 3 years ago. There is nothing better than getting a handmade card.

Lynda said...

Gorgeous cards Mel. I might have to have a go at that. I think in all my years of scrapping I have made 1 card on my own and one other at a workshop - I might try your mini workshop and see what I think.

Dianna said...

Have to agree use up that paper. The challenge should be after every LO make a card with the left overs.

Christine said...

Great cards Mel - like your idea of using up the pp- sounds very quick & easy- which is ideal!! Thanks for sharing.

Lara said...

great cards - congrats on completing the walk/run. I'd do it without Eliot too. Thanks for the card chalenge! Must use some scraps up.

karen said...

Love your simple and effective instructions :)
It's rare for me to buy a card - usually I make Ken do it if I haven't had time to make one (because I'll go into the store and come out empty-handed ... 'cause I could do 'better') - these days. I like to make each card to match (or at least recognise) the occasion. Yours look so smart! Thanks for the reminder to use up the scraps on beautiful cards.

Ali Dub said...

Go Mel - you must have known our girls spent yesterday afternoon doing just this, with my pp scraps - Gorgeous cards!

Kirsty said...

Such a good idea. I too hate buying cards. I don't usually use any patterned paper on my cards, just stamps & embellishments etc, so I'm up for this challenge. Great idea to use up the ever-growing stash of left-over pp!