Thursday, April 06, 2006


We did it! The Thorn family (including Grandad - my Dad) completed our first ever organised 5km walk last Sunday.

We decided to just enter the 5km walk section so that we could all do it together as a family. Good thought. About one minute into it Caitlin (age 10) said "I want to run". Well, go for it we said. She was off - didn't see her again til the end (she bet us by 8 minutes).

Then Grandad lagged behind at the back of the bunch so I went back a couple of times to see if he wanted me to stroll with him. 'Nope" said Grandad "You go ahead, I'm very happy to stroll".

Then Elliot (age 5 ) said his legs were tired (this is after 400 metres). "You can go back to Gran" (who was watching on the sideline). "Nope, I will walk" said Elliot.

200 metres later Elliot couldn't walk anymore so Darryn put him on his shoulders. And carried him. For four kilometres. Not just walking. He ran with him. I ran for a while. I couldn't keep up (even though Darryn had an additional 26 kgs on his shoulders). Darryn's lost about 26 kgs over recent months - he said this was a great way to remind himself how far he has come.

I walked fast. I caught up the boys.

Elliot asked to be put down about 100 metres from the finish line "Otherwise they'll think I cheated!" he announced. He bounced over the finish line in front of us.

We finished in 53 minutes.

Grandad finished in 60 minutes with the stragglers. 10 minutes later he said he'd like to go around the course again.

Next year we'll do the 10km. Without Elliot!

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Janine said...

Whoo hoooo go the Thorne Family.
Well done!!! Am so happy for you Mel. Great time too.

I will be there next year doing the 10km one.

Lynda said...

Well done you guys - what a huge achievement, not to mention the feeling of pride you must be feeling as a family - awesome pics!

Dianna said...

What great photos good on you guys doing that as a family. Love the shot of Elliot he looks like he is running in the Olympic games.

Michelle Tibble-Williams said...

yehah!! Way to go to you and your whanau.... what a massive effort... great photos too!

karen said...

Great work Mel. Elliot looks quite buoyant after a 4.5km ride on Darryn's shoulders!!
Nice to have an event that you can repeat each year and feel real achievement.

Donna said...

Great effort from your family!

Love your cards in previous post. This week I have to make a 50th anniversary one instead of buying one!

Kirsty said...

Yippee - way to go with a family run. And well done to your hubby loosing 26kgs - thats an awesome achievement.