Thursday, March 30, 2006


An unashamed plug for my lovely niece....

Hannah Kereama, (Hannie to us!) my gorgeous 16 year old niece, is selling equally gorgeous kete as a part of her year 12 Business Studies programme (you know, where they learn all about how businesses are run and then get to run one themselves).

Each flax bag is approximately 33cm in width and 29cm in length. Bags feature a variety of paua/feather designs (I've got the one with a flower design in paua). They are also happy to custom make something for you.

I am told that we oldies are able to look cool (for a short while) if we use one!

Cost is $10 each plus postage. If you're interested leave me a message and I'll pass on your details to Hannah.



Janine said...

Wow - Hannah has done a great job, Love her designs!! What a great idea. Um just what age bracket does she class as an oldie?? lol. I am quite happy to support her venture. Would make a great pressie for a friend I have in mind. So count me in Mel.

Donna said...

They are cool. I was thinking it would make a great wall sculpture too if you had the right style of house.
Best of luck to her. I love seeing people in these endeavours.

karen said...

Lovely work Mel. Hope the business project goes well.

Lara said...

My sis did polar fleece hats in a similar school venture - theese look way cooler!

Ali Dub said...

These are very cool. I'm sure my Caitlin would love one at that price - Count me in too!