Monday, January 16, 2006


OK, so Yolande challenged me to do some stitching on a layout. Easy for some. Not so easy for she who does not sew. I do own a sewing machine but it has not been used for, umm, 10,15 years? I'm not sure that I can thread it. So I bit the bullet and hand stitched. Wouldn't pass any Girl Guide sewing tests but hey - I did it!

This page is the last page in an entire album I made yesterday. Yes, 24 12x12 pages in one day! OK - it's not an album that would win any awards - more a reconstituted one. My Mum gave me my baby album that was falling apart and I transferred it all to a new archival safe album. I copied Mum's words and even included the little cutout pictures she's put in the origianl album. Who would have known that my Mum was a scrapbooker over 40 years ago! (Note - it is a 'no photo' page - scary!)

Happy, Yolande?


Yolande said...

WAHOOOOOOOO that is awesome...awesome awesome. The story/journaling is have a way with words. And it really suits the handstitching - all homemade looking, warm , cosy...just like your story. I so love this Mel. You've inspired me to do some more on my BOM. THANKS for doing the challenge.

Ali Dub said...

Fantastic Mel - Yo is right, you certainly have a way with words - I for one, enjoy your blogs. Well done on the camera experiementation - I too have been doing a bit of that ... well as much as I can do with a borrowed camera - fun eh??

karen said...

Great fabric work Mel!
Don't forget tomorrow is self-portrait Tuesday, so you'll need another photo to post tomorrow ...
(I'll be off-line cause we'll have visitors so might have to do self-portrait Wednesday instead.)

Delys said...

Thats so cool Mel..I love it! I spotted the tarisota fabric there!
Loved the journalling and I agree with everyone else do have a way with words!