Sunday, January 15, 2006


Caitlin gave Elliot a fishing rod for Christmas (and the kids gave DDH one, too). Although Darryn is a keen fly fisherman he's never fished off the wharf with the kids. So guess what we did yesterday? Venue - Point Howard (on the way to Eastbourne, Lower Hutt).

Elliot got a bit bored with the actual fishing bit (especially when we didn't catch anything!) but liked the general hanging out.

I must give credit to photographer Suz Doyle who was the inspiration behind these photos. She encouraged me to look at different angles (shooting from below the kids). She takes the amazing photos for the Tarisota website. She's amazing!


Dianna said...

Mel your daughter has the most beautiful red hair, looks like they had a good day.

karen said...

shame no fish, but the "hanging about" bit is the main thing!
I like to take my camera and a notebook or book to read, because sometimes fishing is a ken-exclusive activity and I'm just 'hanging about' while he fishes.
(We didn't catch anything on Friday either.)

suz said...

golly. the fact that i might be inspiring anybody to do anything is AMAZING to me. but thank you.

the photos are really lovely - and what a beautiful looking family and day they portray.