Monday, January 16, 2006


Karen has tagged me so here goes...
4 Jobs you’ve had in your life:
School holiday job in the Reserve Bank counting and discarding old bank notes - did this with Michael Galvin (that's right from Shortland St - our Dads both worked for the Reserve Bank); Registrar for the Indecent Publications Tribunal (yep, there ain't a dirty book I haven't seen!); NZ Operations Manager for Land Titles Office (worked there for years); scrapbooking business owner (But the best job is my current one - Domestic Goddess!)
4 Movies you would watch over and over:You've got Mail; Beaches (Like Karen I’m more of a “books you would read over and over” than a movie person.)
4 Places you have lived: Tirohanga, Lower Hutt; Newlands, Wellington; Avalon, Lower Hutt; Boulcott, Lower Hutt
4 TV shows you love to watch: Extreme Makeover Home Edition; NCIS (love that Abby!); Oprah; anything on the Food or Living Channel
4 Places you have been on vacation: Rarotonga; Singapore; Bali; Nelson (I love Nelson)
4 Websites you visit daily:trademe; Tarisota (to drool); Kiwiscraps most days and a few scrappingblogs
4 Favorite Foods: Fresh fruit and veges; Turkish Kitchen Greek Yoghurt and Cucumber dip (low fat, low sugar - makes all those veges taste great); snapper; anything from Ichiban Teppanyaki (OK a few months ago I would have said chocolate but while I still love it it no longer rates in the top 4 - scary!)
4 Places you would rather be right now: Rarotonga (our favourite family holiday destination - I dream about living there for a few months!); Nelson (DH's hometown) because at this time of year it's glorious; out walking with DH - it's a beautiful evening but my baby is in bed; at my goal weight (that's a place, isn't it?);
4 Bloggers you are tagging: OK're it.... Ali, Dianna, and the two Michelles (MichelleTW and Michelle)


karen said...

Love 'the goal weight place' -keep moving and you'll get there!

Delys said...

loved your answers Mel and I have fond memories of Nelson on holiday too.

Michelle Tibble-Williams said...

Thanks Mel! Enjoyed reading about you and your family... way to take on the challenges.. I;m such a newbie.