Friday, January 27, 2006


Yesterday we decided we'd pull our belts in and save some money this year. Great idea.

Today I went to Kiwiscraps to take Caitlin and some friends to a kids class. It involved 2 visits to Kiwiscraps, actually. One to drop them off and one to pick them up. And then there was the waiting time... that turned into shopping time. OK so, 1 magazine, several pieces of Basic Grey paper (oh and some Scenic Route paper), Heidi Swapp monograms, Heidi Swapp paint, Heidi Swapp rub ons, cool as Scenic Route chipboard (2 sets of those) ; some paper flowers. And after I'd paid they started unpacking the neat Making Memories Runway luggage stuff and there were these cute little wristlet purses - just the perfect size for your keys, a credit card and your drivers licence and at $16.95 I just had to have one (OK I chose boring black but they also came in pink and green) .

And then tonight after I'd taken Caitlin to karate (and I'd done 70 minutes at the gym) we decided to check out the new Breast Cancer t/shirts from Glassons . The Karen Walker one was great (so I got it - well how else could I afford KW?) and Cait chose the Huffer design (oh and she got a skirt but it was 50% off).

So our year of saving started badly. But Cait and I are happy chooks because we love shopping. And DH doesn't mind at all and said we deserved it! He is a honey - we will keep him.

But on a better note I sold the last of my 'super fat' clothes (as opposed to the 'fat' ones I currently wear!) onTradeMe today and made $600. So I guess we're still in the black!


Lara said...

go the shopping. I'm trying to be good too (want to get to CC in August).

Delys said...

Yay for the shopping! Glad you had fun! drool at the wristlet bag...very cool! WTG on selling your fat clothes! My arent you going to have fun on buying some new clothes when you get to your goal weight!
I have way overspent this month on my Budget...but I HAVE been good for oh ..2 months so I deserved it right?lol!

karen said...

Mel, you are an excellent bargain-hunter! How else could you afford Karen Walker!
I've been trying not to count up my recent purchases but I think it's time I took stock. I do intend to use my scrapping stuff instead of just buying more ... but I'm still a little undisciplined in that regard so far!! LOL