Monday, January 30, 2006


I can't cope with birds. I can admire them from a distance but somehow those feathery fluttering things up close just freak me out. A disorder inherited from my mother who would scream whenever the cat brought one in. I have learnt to not scream so that my kids don't pick up my fear but I still don't like them.

Saturday night - 2 minutes before going out for dinner with Darryn and friends (Mum and Dad babysitting) I let Maxie, our 13 year old cat outside. (Maxie, who is so old and lazy she hasn't caught anything for years.) 30 seconds later I hear a rustle in the bushes and see her emerge triumphant with a bird. I knew what was going to happen next. Sure enough she headed for inside. I yelled to eveyone to shut the doors but all our french doors were open (we unfortunately have 7 sets) and she took the bird into Elliot's room. Darryn threw it outside (it was dead - poor thing). Quick vacuuming job (Darryn did it) and we were late for dinner.

Sunday. Darryn was out fishing and I decided to mow the lawns. Small problem of a dead bird on the lawn to dispose of first. Small problem for some - large problem (read nightmare!) for me. I cannot deal with dead birds almost as badly as I cannot deal with live ones.

Solution - Caitlin.

Mother, in kind grovelly voice: "Caitlin could you please get a spade and put this dead bird in the rubbish bin"
Caitlin, in standover mode: "Can I have icecream for breakfast?"
Mother, gritting her teeth and smiling sweetly: "No problem".

She had me!


karen said...

Whoa! she may not have your fear of birds, but she knows how to work your heebie-jeebies!! Ice-cream for breakfast!! Yum.
PS. Can I come over and have icecream for breakfast? I know not to bring my own bird!!
PPS. Hope you had a lovely night out.

lianne said...

LOL that is too funny letting Caitlin have ice cream for brekky if she removes the dead bird.
Emma and I went shopping the other day for her birthday presents and we both came home happy ;)

Michelle Tibble-Williams said...

You fear birds... me too... something to do with being locked in a coup!! Ummm ice cream..