Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Here's the latest challenge from Self Portrait Tuesday:

"I want this to be a challenging month - we have had it easy over christmas and the holidays but now it is time to look deep inside ourselves and embrace and face our whole selves. I don't want to see any perfect images, any pretty studio like images, no perfect hair or makeup, get rid of the masks you use to face the world. I was inspired for this challenge by reading a recent Keri Smith post. "For my whole life I have had difficulty looking at photos of myself. It was as if that person could never be enough for me, I did not want to see any of my flaws (or the things I perceived as imperfect)."

This is such a gorgeous photo of me (not!) but it is in the spirit of this month's challenge. It was taken 3-4 years ago as we were travelling from Lower Hutt to Palmerston North. We stopped off just past Pukerua Bay, ostensibly so the kids could look in the rock pools but mostly to give them fresh air as they were both notorious at being carsick. Caitlin did not want her mother forcing a photo with her. I look totally stupid. And, coincidentally, today I am wearing the exact same top that I wore in this photo (I think it's the only thing left in my wardrobe from that era). It fits better now!


Ali Dub said...

Love this pic Mel and the look on Caitlin's face says it all! Go you!!

karen said...

I've just checked the SPT site and was relieved to see that it's still 'personal history' month! I'm not ready to look at my Ugly side today!!
I like your picture, and it's fun to remember the why and how of the silly photos, isn't it!!

Mel said...

Oops - I'm a day early! Never mind - I'll start getting it over with!