Saturday, November 05, 2005

"We are not doing that Fox Thing" - so spake Elliot, age 5, a few weeks ago. That what thing? "That Fox Thing". Hmmm.... Ah, yes would that, perchance, be Guy Fawkes. "Yep, when you made me hold that burning sparkling thing and it was too noisy and Daddy nearly made a fire in our garden" Ah, yes, well... Guy Fawkes is not a happening thing in our household tonight. Caitlin is off to a friend's house to pratice camp cooking for a Girl Guide badge next week. I think Elliot may have a visit to the video shop for a special DVD treat instead of fireworks.

Here's a photo of Elliot (in green) with some school friends. They studied medieval times and the whole school had a dress-up day - dozens of knights, princesses, the odd dragon and no peasants!


Delys said...

Love the photo, Mel! What a cool idea the school had...and all the boys wouldve been happy with their maces, swords and battleaxes too! lol!

lianne said...

Cool photo to have. The kids love those dress up days. LOL at 'That Fox Thing'.

Lara said...

we didn't do the 'fox' thing either. Funny no one wanted to be a peasant - they must have learned lots about medievil times to know why that wouldn't be desirable.