Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Michelle's weekly blog challenge - Nov 7 -
10 CD’s/songs that you just have to have if you got stranded on a desert island

There's only 1 CD I would hope to have with me if I was stranded on a desert island. I'll guarantee no one has heard of it - "The Berlin Tapes" by Iva Davies and Icehouse.

It is the soundtrack to the most amazing live show I've ever been to - The Sydney Dance Company's "Berlin" - choreographed by Graeme Murphy. Darryn and I saw it in Sydney some years ago. It was all about the Berlin Wall. The only dance work that has moved me to tears . Here are Graeme's comments from the programme:

" The city of Berlin has always provoked potent global reactions and strong personal resonances, even from those who have never been there. .. Berlin currently, and historically, evokes images of perpetual rebirth. The dominant physicality is of cranes lifting the spirit of the city towards the future, juxtaposed with streets riddled with deep, dark holes that seem to contain the ghosts of its past".

The songs are all covers delivered amazingly by Iva Davies. They include (with original artists in brackets):

Heaven (Talking Heads)
Complicated Game (XTC)
All the Way (Frank Sinatra)
All Tomorrow's Parties (The Velvet Underground)
Let there be Love (Simple Minds)
Really Good Tie (Roxy Music)
Heroes (David Bowie)

This is a drop dead amazing album. With the exception of Bowie none of the original artists would feature in my top 10 favourite bands list but altogether on this album they are amazing.


lianne said...

That sounds very interesting Mel. Might have to listen to that one day.

Michelle said...

Thanks for completing my challange Mel,
The album looks great, i might have to go out and make a little purchase lol.