Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Don't want to blow my own trumpet but I am pretty proud of myself this morning.

Long story .... in June I turned 40. A couple of weeks before my birthday I got on the scales and realised I needed to lose 40-50 kilos. I joined a gym. In July the gym started a special Midwinter Makeover Challenge which I signed up for. Eating program, heaps of exercise, nutrition seminars, personal trainer - the lot. I really embraced it and have been feeling great about losing weight and being fitter. I'm at the gym 5 times a week. Well last night they had a prizegiving for everyone who particiapted in the Challenge (about 50 people) and I won the top prize! I got a great voucher for a day spa that will be bliss to use and, even better I am 12.5 kilos lighter than 10 weeks ago (and 17.5 kilos lighter than when I turned 40). Still a long way to go - but I am really proud I've come so far already. Watch this space. (And, yes, there were before and after photos but I am so not gonna publish those!)


Michelle said...

Good on you Mel, that an awesome achivement.

Lara said...

great work!

Delys said...

Hi Mel You are inspiring me to get back on my weight loss goal too.Gotta get back to the gym but also need the nutrition thing too I think.
You rock!