Sunday, October 30, 2005

Can't have Cait taking all the glory - here's a photo of my 5 years old - Elliot (and a little blue penguin). They are both too cute for their own good.

Elliot adores his big sister, Caitlin. "I am Elli-boy and there is my Caity-girl" he said recently. I really need to scrap a page about that!

This photo was taken at Marineland during the recent school holidays. He had a great holiday - feeding the dolphins and handling turtles and crabs and a blue tongued lizard. Unlike Cait who is far more squeamish and(apart from feeding the dolphins) declined all other close and personal encounters!


Lara said...

You do need to scrap that - & share it. I can see much value in these blogs for journalling later. It must be pretty cool to hold the penguins.

nic said...

Hey mel - cool blog. I love that I can journal off my blog as well as share pics etc. Thanks for linking me!

Michelle said...

Hay Mel , so glad you came over to the blog world. I love the your title and I now I am going to love reading your blog. Thanks for linking me I will go and add you to the growing list of names on my links now.