Saturday, October 29, 2005

"Click, click"
OK I'm a scrapper, scrap artist, scrapbooker - whatever. If you scrap you take photos - they kinda go hand in hand. So I figured that my photos weren't really that great. Just snaps. So I took a class on digital photography. I thought it would be all mumsy and basic but it was taken by 2 photojournalists and was it good. I now know how to use my camera (AUTO is a dirty word!) and I think my photos are better. I'm also trying to develop my own style - crystal clear isn't always how I like it. I love this photo which is a series of some I took of Caitlin. I love that they are slightly over-exposed and grainy.

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Lara said...

Finally found your blog & love the title! Great to finally see who I've had lots of email contact and advice from! The photography course sounds great. I've been checking one out locally. I too have found that putting my own settings on my digital cam produce better pictures!