Monday, July 05, 2010


I didn't think this day would come for many more months but yesterday it did.

Mr 10 spent the night staying with Gran and Grandad. I gave him his insulin shot before he went off on Saturday night. On Sunday morning Gran was geared up to do her first shot. She has been practising drawing up the precise amount of insulin and has even practised injecting her stomach. She was ready.

On Sunday morning Gran is about to inject Mr 10 when she says to him "I bet you could do this yourself." So he does! And last night at home he does it again. And this morning at home when I go to give him his shot he takes it and does it himself. Again. "Because, Mum, there's no point forgetting how to do it!"

I am amazed. It is 69 days and 138 injections since he was diagnosed. Some Type 1 diabetics take months or even years to be able to inject themselves.

Mr 10 knew a reward would be involved. There have never been so many bribe/rewards in the Thorn household as there have been the past couple of months. Injecting himself was the final frontier. A $100 reward of Mr 10's choice. And he knew what he wanted. A giant box of Lego City. I am grateful it is a reward that will survive for years.

And Mr 10 is grateful that Toyworld has a 20% sale on Lego. So he gets more than he thought. That's a lot of Lego.

That's a lot of bravery/guts/balls for a 10 year old.


feijoafication said...
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feijoafication said...

Absolutely brilliant! And so deserving of a reward.

BTW, the Warehouse also has a big Lego sale on at the moment. Some lines are 30% + (maybe 50% too, but you'll need to check). It just depends what sort of Lego he's into.

Embellish It said...

that is awesome - GO mr 10!

Lara said...

Go E! That's a huge step and a nice reward :-)

Penny said...

Fantastic work Elliott!

Jenny said...

Yay for your son! he is very brave and strong

scrapgeek said...

Awesome! What a cool kid you have!