Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shout. Laugh. Love

so much shouting, so much laughter

I'm participating in Suzannah's blogfest. Shout. Laugh. Love.

The idea is that you post on one of those topics. Shout. Laugh. Love.

Just the thought of this reminded me of something I posted years ago.

Miss Then About 10 was making a card and she was drawing a heart. She said

"Why do we call them love hearts, anyway?
You don't love with your heart.
Your love with your soul."

I remind myself of that sometimes.


Penny said...

so true.

Janine said...

beautiful......Hey Mel, what kind of cookbook did you want to write?

Mel said...

@Janine- you were right - a baking one with narratives about where the recipes came from (and maybe with some diabetic alternatives). In my dreams...

Jenny said...

Wise words

suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter said...

what a sweet girl! love this:)