Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I really like the website Trip Advisor. It's great for sussing out places to stay when we're travelling. Some time ago I left a review about a hotel we'd stayed at in Rarotonga. Today I get this response to my review:

I am male from sri lanka. If you visit sri lanka, I can help you in many ways. Please mail me.

So, would you reply?


Janine said...

part of me wants to say "yes" but the cynic in me says "no". Just the reply sounds dodgy, and whilst I know you can hear tone online, it just screams nooooooo

but hey while this optimist likes to think the best of people....I think there could be other ways you could get that info...

Lisa66 said...

LOL... Me thinks the "help" you might be getting may not be something you're after!

However, I am a long time user of Tripadvisor and have had many satisfying (and helpful) conversations with other users.
Maybe it's just this guy's clumsy English that is making him sound so sleazy.

Still, I'm voting a big fat NO!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Depends on if your planning to visit Sri Lanka ;-)
I love trip advisor too… always, always book one of the top rated hotels for the city I’m visiting – and never been let down. (I reviewed the same Rarotonga resort as well).

Penny said...

the evil in me wants to reply and elicit just HOW many ways he could help.

but no. I wouldn't reply ;)

Jenny said...

Ummmm ... no! I'll have to visit trip advisor

Anonymous said...

no no no