Friday, October 02, 2009


Some of you know that this year I ticked off something from my 'bucket list' and enrolled in painting classes through The Learning Connexion.

As a complete novice it was somewhat daunting to find I was joined in my class by 3rd year art students. But it was fine. Our tutor, a well known artist himself, was very encouraging and helped us to figure out how to express ourselves. I came to the realisation that I love words and the symbolism of the cross so these feature in most of my practice work.

But just recently I came across a fantastic blog by a wonderful Hawkes Bay artist, Katherine Quinn. Inspired by her whimsical women figures I had a go myself. Here are my first couple of attempts. Mine are more grunge than whimsical. The blonde is a self-portrait and the redhead is Miss 14. I have a long way to go (it's OK, I know they're not great!)but it's fun and, hey, if I make it - it's art.

Thanks Katherine for inspiring a beginner!


scrapgeek said...

They are cool!

Anonymous said...

Yep, very cool :)

Lisa66 said...

Actually, Mel, I think they're very good. I love the detail in the wings.

I'm very impressed. :)

Penny said...

I think they look great! Well done.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Shani here....yes I still am in the land of the living, sorry for letting you down on the catch up front. BUT wow I think your painting are great. I really do. Fantastic. I love that you have just done it, thats cool. Hope you are well, think of you often :-)

justagirl said...

Wow!! I am so pleased that what I do has inspired you to have a go too... and the results are wonderful, you should be very pleased with yourself.