Friday, September 11, 2009


Over the past month or so Mr 9 has been having a clearout. We decided to teach him the value of a buck when he decided he had a whole lot of PS2 games and DVDs that were just gathering dust. So he embarked on a sales campaign which netted him a fair bit of money.

Last week he realised that there were 6 or 7 PS2 games and about 10 DVDs not sold. So he decided to donate them to the Hutt Hospital's Children's Ward. After school we lugged 3 bags of his games, DVDs, books and transformer toys to the Children's Ward. The staff were suitably impressed and generous in their praise of his donation.

Walking home Mr 9 said to me:
"Mum - I didn't get any money for those things we gave the hospital. But I feel really proud!"

Yep - it isn't all about the money.

A good life lesson learned today.


Penny said...

awww that is so neat. :)

scrapgeek said...

very cool. I need to do something like that - we are drowning in a tsunami of toys!

Janine said...

a good life lesson indeed. Its a shame more adults don't follow his lead. The children will love his donation.

Jenny said...

That's great. We also sell our stuff here on TM but have yet to just give it away. ANother lesson to learn

karen said...

learning well. you set such a great example :)
and he had such a good feeling from it. "very proud". He knew he'd done a good thing. I like that :)