Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I'm first out of the blocks this month - it's only the 1st of September but I have just finished reading the September Blogosphere Book Circle Book (OK I read it last month - sometimes the library does that to me!):

Book: Beautiful Boy
Author: David Sheff

Non-fiction this month. "A father's journey through his son's meth addiction" sums it up pretty much.

Some months ago I heard David Sheff and his son Nic interviewed on National Radio -it was a gripping interview and this was a gripping book. I loved it. I loved the story from the father's point of view.

The book has won lots of awards check out the author's website . (On the website I learned that David Sheff is, amongst other things, a contributing editor to Playboy magazine and did the last ever interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. He's also interviewed a gazillion celebrities - none of this is mentioned in the book and I like him all the more for that - the book is his personal family story.)

I think what drew me in was the parent's heartache, the feeling that while he was desperately trying to help his son he was still merely an observer on the sideline. That there comes a time when you have to let go even though a part of you will protect and hold them forever. I also loved the title which comes from the John Lennon song - this is a special song in our house as I used to play it to E when he was a baby.

At the end of the book there was a preview chapter from Nic's book (he's written his own story) and I've got to say I wasn't interested in reading more of the son's story - I identified with the Dad and I think he said everything I needed to know.

Most important lesson I learned from this book - if you're having troubles with your kids don't do it alone - share your story with someone - true friends won't judge you.


Janine said...

hmmm I hear you on the library, this book and the next few have amazing waiting lists, so I may have to buy one instead. Should be an interesting read from what you have said.

Penny said...

Heh - I just pulled it from the shelf. I've just started PS I Love You thanks to the long waiting list. :(
Interesting - I think like you I will identify mostly with the Dad.

Anonymous said...

So how's the painting going? Interesting to see that you use a lot of white paint- I use more and more of it too.

scrapgeek said...

I put off reading your comments until I finished the book. I really liked this one too for the same reasons. The guy can write too which makes a welcome change after PS I Love You!