Sunday, March 15, 2009


When you're nearly 14 you can't go to Vodafone Homegrown unless you're with an adult so DH unleashed his indulgent Dad/inner child/midlife crisis gene and took C and her 2 friends.

They came home with this...

... Miss Nearly 14 (centre back with cap) and her friend, J, and the entire lineup of Kiwi band Good Night Nurse - their favourite Kiwi band. Apparently they had to beg to get into the signing tent as the queue had officially closed. But when you're Nearly 14 begging comes naturally.

And I hear there was the incident of Miss Nearly 14 by herself (friends too scared)in the mosh pit when heavy rock/metal band Blindspott were playing. DH was at the venue but not totally aware of where C was. I don't really want to know any more about it. But I hope it doesn't mean that I have to be the chaperone next time!


Penny said...

I'm with you on the "not wanting to know all the details"! LOL! Your DH is brave ;)

aussiehen said...

Ahhh the memories
At 14 I went to the first ever Big Day Out in Auckland.
The music fan part of me will cherish that forever, the mum part of me wants to know what my own mother was thinking!
But we survived and had a great time doing it.
I hope I get to go to concerts with my kids.

angel gurl said...

liking the new look....anyway again I have to say Miss 14 has a certain knack for being in the right place at the right time. She certainly knows how to meet the right people.