Thursday, March 05, 2009


So Miss Nearly 14 asks us if it would be OK for her and two friends to go into Wellington by themselves at night to see the Summer Jam concert at TSB Arena. Four bands: P Money, Midnight Youth, The Veronicas and... drum from the U.S.... Metro Station (featuring Trace Cyrus- Miley's way cool step brother or something and demi-gods to Miss Nearly 14 and her friends).

So we agree.

So they catch the bus into Wellington after school and change at DH's work (hmmm.. was there makeup? I hear there was.) They go a couple of hours early to queue.

"We want to be up the front."

And we arrange for DH to collect them at the end.

"Could we walk back to Dad's work (in Featherston St) and have him collect us there?" (Not cool for Dad to collect you from the venue.)

So we agree.

And when DH collects them they scream their lungs out because guess who they met outside Dad's work? Two of the guys from Metro Station who had snuck out after their set to find food.

"And they shook our hands. And he said Hi, I'm Mason. MASON MUSSO!!!! He's the lead singer. And ANTHONY IMPROGO - he's the drummer!!! We got photos with them. OUR FRIENDS ARE GONNA DIE!!!!"

So we agree. That is very cool.

"And can we have tomorrow morning off school 'cos we're not going to able to sleep after this?"

And we said no.

Because there are some times when parents have to draw the line.

(Edited - photo from The Edge website - spot the redhead in the second row - Miss Nearly 14)


Mim said...

LOL Perfect! I love it :)

Penny said...

LOL! gotta love that teenage OTT stuff ;)

Beverley said...

You guys are such cool parents ... what a great experience!

Tracy said...

lol what a great story!!

Jenny said...

That's fantastic for them! I had two students who also went to the cond=cert and they were full of talk this morning

Anonymous said...

what a great experience. lol on going to school the next day..perfect!

angel gurl said...

love the story, Miss Rock Chick certainly has some cool stories to tell, she seems to have a knack of meeting people.

Anonymous said...

Very cool ... akajessejames

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mel, you are a way cool mum!