Thursday, February 05, 2009


I hate running. The most I can do is about 2 minutes at a time. Then I need a couple of minutes recovery before I can run a bit more. My world record is 10 minutes without stopping. I don't even know how many kms that was. It was a year ago. It drives me mad because DH runs 5-7 kms often. And there was a time when he couldn't.

Anyway I hit the gym yesterday and thought to myself 'Stop saying you can't run. Just get on the treadmill and run. Mind over matter. Just run'.

So I did.

For 90 seconds.

Until I realised I wasn't wearing a sports bra.



Mim said...


I run so infrequently that family members (my mother for one) have been know to express surprise should they witness me doing so. I, like Gimli, am very dangerous over short distances :P

Rachel said...

ROFL you crack me up, they would have been on my knees before I hit the treadmill!
Go you, you can do it, watch a couple episodes of the biggest looser and it will motivate you - boy are they cahnged people.
I have the theme song on my MP3 and when I hit the hills I forward to that song and it helps me up!
Good luck and keep at it!

Penny said...

hate running. I've yet to meet a sports bra that hold my puppies in place.....

Lynda said...

ROFL, I am so with you on hating running. I wish I enjoyed because it is such a quick and easy way to get some exercise!!

Anonymous said...

Lol Mel this really is apt for me at the moment too and i never run anywhere unless I can help it...walking is good I reckon!

Anonymous said...

Well I love running and I cant do it anymore ... Its annoys me intensely. I walked to the shop today, put my camelback on and went and got milk and the sunday paper ... it takes an hour for the round trip. So I sympathise but hang in there and keep at it and little by little it will creep along. akajessejames