Monday, February 16, 2009


Hands up if you watch The Dog Whisperer on TV? I confess I am an addict. Even when I didn't have a dog I couldn't get over how he could take control and turn around bad behaviour in dogs. But it seems that it's not really the dogs that misbehave - it the humans who haven't figured out how to master them.

Last week we had Wellington's own dog whisperer pay us a visit to sort out a few small issues with Indie. Canine Solutions is run by Jo Goddard and her partner Craig. I called them in after no less than 6 different people (including strangers I met at the beach) recommended them. At 6 months our puppy looks nearly fully grown but still, at times, behaves like a crazed toddler.They were like miracle workers. Like the Dog Whisperer they talked about the dog's energy. They gave me heaps of tips on how to ensure that the humans in our house are the pack leader (not the dog).

But best of all they taught me how to stop her running at the door and jumping at visitors. Now she doesn't. In one hour they were able to show me how to change her behaviour (and mine). Pretty impressive.

We start obedience classes with Canine Solutions in a couple of weeks. Despite my misgivings about what I thought was my unruly dog Jo tells me we are doing a great job and Indie can skip grades 1 and 2 and go directly to grade 3 (whatever that is). Apparently it's a good thing.

A calm dog is a happy household.


Penny said...

That's great! :) I love their logo.

angel gurl said...

well the results speaks for themselves, what an awesome result Mel.

Anonymous said...

Well done Indie and the humans in the household too! akajessejames